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Your whole community in one place.

ALL Engagement Opportunities. ONE Platform.

Get notified or easily find needs in your community you can help with.

See Your Community

Find help, or post needs your neighbourhood can achieve together

Call On Your  Neighbourhood

Increase awareness of your nonprofit cause by engaging with the wider community.

Expand Your Community 

Make donations to causes you care for, with increased trust through our project transparency initiative.

Public Giving With Trust


A unifying community integration platform bringing together the general public, non-profit organisations, and businesses through shared interests.



See your community or neighbourhood needs fast and help make a difference today.


Access to community-wide audience; reach the target group you want to, when you need to...


A sustainable granular and flexible approach to deeper community integration...

Why InitiateAPP?

Overcoming Barriers to Giving Time

Effectively addresses many of the reasons people do not volunteer in their community; ranging from awareness and ability to availability.

Based on the 2021/22 Community Life survey

Overcoming Barriers to Public Giving

Key hold-backs in public giving addressed through increased transparency

Based on the 2021/22 Community Life survey

Extending Business Opportunities

The need for flexibility and transparency in the community integration space still ranks high for a real turnaround of low & infrequent participation.

Based on the 2017 Deloitte survey on business community engagement

InititateAPP is the backbone of a determined drive to ensure that any person or business who wants to have a positive impact in their community finds the right opportunity to do so!

Enabling Public Engagement

Providing the What, Where, Who and When of community needs! There are many ways to help the community on Initiate and one of them is funding. We make the funding of social good projects transparent. See exactly where your financial donations have gone and get updates on the impact your help has made!

We make it simple to get involved by categorising events based on your interests, location, availability and ability.


Finally, all the information you need is found in the event post. You can save it to your favourites, choose to receive alerts, and get involved fast and easy when you’re ready.

Addressing perceived and actual barriers to community involvement

collaboration on neighbourhood/community project

Optimised Nonprofit Outreach

We understand sometimes reaching the right audience within a specific window is critical. Now you can instantly reach your audience with built-in alerts and target feeds.

Equally, residents can reach out in their neighbourhood when help is needed on a moment’s notice, or when planning a communal endeavour.

Better insights combined with targeted messaging improves the prospects for informed choices. We need this for sustainable community engagement.

Communicate the right message to the right target audience

Reach the right audience with the right message

Sustainable Granular Business Engagement

Enabling granular visibility of community-wide needs and simplified interaction with non profit organisations, helps small to medium-sized businesses to adopt manageable community engagement initiatives.

Doing this with minimum administrative overheads facilitates more sustainable relationships within our communities.

Expanding the possibilities for local business

Flexible granular approach to community engagement strategy



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Experience a revolutionary approach to empowering and supporting local community initiatives.

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